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We believe technology should make our lives simpler. Our team is working on some of the cutting-edge technologies with endless possibilities.

Embedded Engineering

Electric Vehicle Drivetrain Development Services

Battery Management System

Automotive Power Electronics (Charger and DC/DC)

Drivetrain Inverter and Motor Control

Cell Parameterization and Testing

Software Development Services

Model Based Development & Code generation

Code Based Development 

ADAS algorithm Development

ECU Diagnostics

Testing and Validation Services

Unit Testing

Integration Testing

Algorithm Tuning Testing

Hardware Development Services

Schematic Design and BOM creation

PCB Design

Mechanical Engineering

New Technology & Product development for Automotive

Sustaining & Manufacturing Engineering for Automotive

Battery Pack (Thermal Management and Structural)


Project Management

Application Development &


Quality Assurance

ERP Solutions (SAP)

Web Mobile Application


Testing as a Service

AI & ML Services

Data Analysis, Annotation, & Labeling

2D & 3D Annotation 

Polyline, Line & Spline Annotation

Lidar Image Annotation 

Image Categorization & Captioning 

Semantic Segmentation

Image Processing & Computer Vision

Custom Application for Automated Analysis

Smart Surveillance System 

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Speech & Natural Language Processing

Extracting, Processing, & Analyzing Speech Data

Speech Synthesis & Recognition

Structured Data To Meaningful Insights

Unsupervised Machine Learning Experience

AI in Industry 4.0

Predictive Maintainance 

Defect Detection & Quality Control

Professional Services

Staff Augmentation Services

Project Based Staffing Services

Long Term Staffing Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services

Contract to Hire


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