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TechnoPro to hire 10,000 people by 2022-23

October, 24 2019

Japanese tech firm TechnoPro has announced it will hire 10,000 engineers and researchers for its campuses in India. The hiring will be spread over the next three years, the company said in a press release.

The announcement followed the launch of its global delivery centre in Bengaluru early this week. “The company has ambitious plans of expanding in India by setting up a Global Delivery and Technical Innovation Centre in Bengaluru and to ramp up employment,” said the director and managing executive officer of TechnoPro Holdings Inc, ShimaokaGaku.
The company plans to make India move towards the usage of electric vehicles, away from fossil fuels. TechnoPro already has its centres in Hyderabad and Pune. As a first step, the company has mapped out locations to set up solutions for Electric Vehicles and providing battery management systems solutions to fast-charging stations

TechnoPro believes that initiating fast-charging solutions would help build confidence among buyers of electric vehicles in India.

“From the perspective of Information Technologies and its application into industries such as automotive and manufacturing, the increasing demand for smart mobility has compelled us to look for high-end engineers,” Jayant Kumar, who will head the company's operations in India, said. “We have decided to invest in India in a phased manner to cater to the growing demands of a complicated and complex technology with the help of Indian talent base.”

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