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Japan’s Technopro Holdings,Inc acquires shares of Robosoft Technologies Private Limited, Making It as a Subsidiary

August, 9 2021

TechnoPro Holdings, Inc. (“TechnoPro”) agreed to acquire 100 percent of the shares issued and outstanding of Robosoft Technologies Private Limited (“Robosoft” or “the Company”), an India-headquartered company delivering solution services in a digital sphere mainly to the clients in the United States, Japan, and India, which will become a subsidiary of TechnoPro

TechnoPro is to identify the digital solution delivery services to the clients in the developed countries utilizing overseas offshore hubs as one of the pillars of the growth strategy in its new medium-term management plan published on August 10, 2021. The purpose of the Share Acquisition is to promote this growth strategy by acquiring the Indian offshore core hub and the capability of technology and solution in a digital field.

Robosoft employs more than 800 engineers with a mission of “Simplifying Lives with Delightful Digital Experiences”, providing one-stop digital solutions such as digital advisory, UI/UX design, engineering services, analytics, middle/back-end development to customers located in the United States and Europe. Robosoft has its reputation in offshore delivery with Design Thinking and UI/UX at its core, leveraging emerging digital technologies such as AI/ML, IoT, 5G and VR/AR, and has following strengths and track records:

  • Design Thinking based advisory utilizing workshops and expertise in UI/UX design
  • Strong technical capabilities across front-end, middle/back-end and analytics
  • Agile and highly mature offshore delivery model
  • Realization of DX at global companies of Media, BFSI and Retail/EC industries

TechnoPro intends to work in collaboration with Robosoft to generate synergy effects such as:

  • Gaining and expanding customer base in Japan of Media, BFSI and Retail/EC industries utilizing the existing solutions of Robosoft
  • Developing and providing TechnoPro’s customers such as manufacturers etc., with digital solutions combining Robosoft’s unique offerings of advisory and UI/UX design and TechnoPro’s existing technologies
  • Leveraging Robosoft’s engineers at domestic on-site and offshore and nurturing TechnoPro’s engineers in a digital sphere, given the tight supply of digital savvy engineers in Japan

TechnoPro will continue realizing its sustainable growth and further value creation during the periods of the new medium-term management plan through the Share Acquisition.

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