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Data Governance for AI and ML Based Applications An Overview

September, 20 2022

The world of information and technology has advanced significantly over the last few decades. In recent times, different kinds of technologies have been introduced, which help to ensure that the world functions in a seamless manner. For example, Artificial Intelligence and its various branches, such as robotics, machine learning, and others are continuously used to improve the conditions of human lives. Technologies are in a position right now where the most important component of the information and technology industry is data. Almost every organization in the IT industry works with loads of data. Besides, they generate a significant amount of data on a regular basis as well. Quite a large amount of this data is sensitive and confidential. Therefore, they must be stored in a secured manner. You have to implement data governance to use it for technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

What is Data Governance?

Data governance is the process of managing data for any AI ML based application. Through this form of management, it is ensured that the essential and required data are available when it is necessary. Besides, when you're looking for business data, the process of data governance focuses on providing you with data, which are:

  • Secure
  • Trusted
  • Consistent
  • Usable

This is extremely necessary if you're focusing on the use of AI and ML based applications to increase the efficiency of your organization. Unlike the traditional applications, their AI and ML based counterparts require a large amount of data at their disposal. The data must be processed in a parallel way from various sources. Simultaneously processing the data helps the AI and ML based applications to find out a pattern from them in quicker time.

The Principles of Data Governance

Data governance runs seamlessly based on four basic principles. These principles of data governance framework must be followed even when the data is managed for AI and ML based applications.

The major principles to be followed while using data governance include:

  • Availability of Data
  • Quality of Data
  • Security of Data
  • Usability of Data
  • Data Integrity

Availability of Data

When you’re planning to use AI and ML based applications, the availability of data is extremely important. Both AI and ML require a large amount of data to process, so that they can create a pattern of prediction from it. Data governance ensures that the data that you require is always available. Besides, the data should always be easily accessible as well as ready for consumption.

Quality of Data

No matter how the data is transferred, converted, or viewed across various platforms, it must be of the highest quality. Moreover, its quality should not change as well even if it goes from one platform to another. The importance of having trusted data is extremely important if you're looking to use data governance for AI and ML based applications.

Security of Data

Data protection is one of the most important things in this world of information and technology. Therefore, if you're planning to use data governance for AI and ML based applications, safeguarding sensitive and confidential data is extremely important.

Usability of Data

The data you are using for data governance must be usable. And it means that the data that is used for governance have the relevance. Usability of the data also decides the way in which the data is going to be purged. Besides, it also sets the time for purging the data. These steps are maintained as a part of the data retention policy.

Data Integrity

It is important for the data to be trusted. You must be aware of the source of the data. If the data is not trusted, the efficiency of the AI and ML based application might be impacted. By purging defective data, the accuracy of the applications decreases with time.

Use of the Data Maintained Using Data Governance

Remember, data is often considered to be the most valuable component that any company can own and it always plays an important role in AI and ML. In fact, data used in any business is quite important. The companies can often perform different types of tasks with the data that they have. With data governance, you can keep the data, which is required to run the AI and ML based applications, in a proper way.

When you have the access to the data with the help of data governance, you can perform various things with it. Here's a quick look at the types of tasks that the companies can perform with data.

Undertake Informed Decisions

When you're running a business or planning future steps for the customers, you always have to predict the steps if you don't have any data. Therefore, the steps might turn out to be wrong. However, when you have some data to refer to, you can replace the predictions with informed decisions. Therefore, this reduces the chances of wasted resources and is surely going to lead to better results.

Stop Accidents from Occurring

When you have enough information in the form of data, it becomes easier for you to predict as well. You can make use of AI ML based applications to have the required predictions. Once you have the required predictions, you can understand what might occur from certain situations in future. Thus, you’ll be able to understand beforehand if any accident might occur and thus, can undertake the required steps to avoid them.

Achieve the Required Results

With data at your disposal, you have the opportunity to use them the way you want. Thus, when you're planning the use of data, you can always have a result in your mind. The correct use of the data can help you achieve the result. Besides, it is also going to help you get the insights about how well your organization is performing.

Understand the Performance of Your Organization

Data never lies. All you need to do is analyze the data properly. Then you can find out the details of the way your organization is functioning. It can really help you understand the areas where you're strong and also the weak points. Thus, you will be able to find out the areas where you need to focus more. You'll also have an idea about your organization's forte.

Find Out Ways to Use Resources Correctly

When you have the data of your organization's performance, you can understand the areas that need your attention. You can direct the resources to those areas to have better results. Thus, it will help your organization improve the performance as a whole. Thus, the correct use of data provides the opportunity to improve the overall efficiency of the organization.

The correct use of data can provide you with an edge over your competitors. However, you need to manage data properly for that. In this age of AI and ML, it is important to manage data in the most scientific manner. And that’s possible only through data governance.

Summing It Up

In the present times, data is the most valuable thing any business can have. Therefore, it must be maintained in the right manner. This can be performed in the best way by using data governance. The data maintained through data governance can also be used in the right ways to ensure that the organization’s performance is enhanced significantly.

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